With this tool, you can run a new transmission line through bundled materials already in place above ground without having to use a boom lift truck.

Product Developed Jointly with NTT FIELDTECHNO Corporation
Ground-level access tool (patent pending)



*Specifications may change without notice.

Main components

GATS unit

Joystick (marketed product)

Shuttle runner (marketed product)

CCH fin insertion prevention part (option)

Usage example

1. Attach the cable or a pull-string to the joystick-equipped GATS. Use the joystick to run the tool through the bundled materials.
2. When you’re finished with span no.1, continue to run the tool through span no.2 without lowering the joystick.
3. Lower the joystick only after you’ve finished running the cable. If you’re attaching a pull-string to the GATS, tie the other end of the string to the cable and drag the pull-string along to run the cable through.
(Use sheave block with hook when pulling cable.)