SZ tubes

Freely connect and disconnect non-spiral cables!

Product Overview

In addition to enabling bundling of any number of cables and cords, SZ tubes make it possible to freely and easily add, remove, and isolate cables and cords.

Protection for optical cables.
Installation of drop and indoor cables.
Organization of LAN cables.
Organization of power cords.



Type External color Internal diameter / External diameter
Applicable cable/cord bundle diameter
Type S A total of seven colors: Grey, blue, red, green, black, yellow, orange Φ14/Φ17 10 Up to 15
Type M
(In development)
Φ20/Φ23 Up to 21
Type L
(In development)
Φ30/Φ33 Up to 31

How to use SZ tubes(Video)

Protection for cables

Straight cables: 1min,10sec

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Curved cables: 49sec

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Organization and installation of cables and cords

Organization: 2min,45sec

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Installation: 1min,48sec

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Removal: 1min,18sec

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