Stainless cable protectors

Product Overview

Aerial cable damage by Taiwanese squirrels! Underground cable damage by rats!
Stainless Spiral Protectors will protect installed cables from rodents.

Type S product appearance

Protection using Type S

Types A-1, A-2 product appearance

Protection of bundled cables using Type A

Protection using Type A

Type B product appearance

Protection using Type B



Inside diameter
Cable diameter/height
Type S 7 2 No larger than 7*
Type A-1 12 No larger than 12*
Type A-2
Type B 35 No larger than 35*

*If the cable diameter/height is larger than the specified diameter/height, the length of the protector will be shorter than the specified length after installation.

How to attach (video)

Fitting Type A: 2min,54sec

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Fitting Type B: 1min,39sec

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